Why people should only plant evergreens in yards

As the weather is threatening to get very “wintery” soon and I happened to have a day off work I decided to pack the dog and other necessities to the car and go to my grandfather’s to do some raking. It’s very difficult to gather up frozen leaves, as I discovered a couple of years ago, so this time I was determined to do the job before snowfall. He has at least a million (5) large deciduous trees so I really had my work cut out for me.

Work to be done…but luckily I had the best help,

and my grandfather’s homemade apple juice to keep me going.

Half way there…

I was dog-tired by the time I had finished, the dog was noticeably less tired because she spent the entire day being in the way and eating apples.
Still lots to be done but there’s only so much manual labour one can be expected to do on their day off.

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