Photo a Day November #9 – Small

All day I was trying to find something small to take a picture of, but nothing even remotely interesting caught my eye. But then I had the idea that why not take a picture of the Small Dipper, it is small after all, says so even in its name.

I kept my fingers crossed for a clear night, and it was, a lovely crisp evening so that some stars were even visible from well-lit streets. Right up until the point when I finally got home to fetch my tripod to attempt the picture. Just my luck. It was starting to get hazy and I could only make out a few constellations (the Big Dipper mainly) and I couldn’t see anything of the small one. However, as I have a pretty good idea where it should be, I just pointed my camera in the general direction and hoped that the sensor would be able to pick up more light than my eyes if the shutter was open long enough. And what do you know, it did.

It’s most certainly not the best shot and I’m going to have another go when it’s clearer, but at least I was able to do the assignment.

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