My, How You’ve Grown! (warning, picture heavy!)


A year ago yesterday, we found this little mite hiding under a pile of clutter in our neighbour’s yard.

I was working outside and could hear her meowing all day – at first I thought it was just a disgruntled cat somewhere, giving her opinion of the world, but as the day wore on and the cries would not stop, we finally had enough and decided to go and investigate. After having climbed over some fences, we were able to sort-of pin down the direction where the noise was coming from, but as it stopped whenever we took a step, it was incredibly difficult to find the exact location. We were about to give up and leave, when we heard the cries again. By this time our neighbour had come out as well, and after some effort we were able to coax out a white ball of fur, who made several attempts to take off in various directions, but her tiny little legs couldn’t take her far. As we were too afraid of her, not having handled any kittens before, our neighbour’s wife was the one who caught her and gave her to my boyfriend.


“Here, she’s your kitty now.”

Well, fuck, now what?

6672739007_283a83b685_bThis is the first ever picture taken of her – the sadness and fear in her eyes breaks my heart every time I see it.

At first our plan was to get her checked at the vet’s and then find a good home for her. So we sent out messages to friends and acquaintances, posted on forums and on Facebook, looking for a foster home or/and a permanent home for her, knowing that neither of us was planning to own a cat

She spent the first night in our bathroom, hissing and growling and hiding in corners whenever we went in the room. I was sure we had caught a wildcat who would never be tamed and I was absolutely terrified of her because she seemed so dangerous – I laugh at myself now, but back then I genuinely had no idea how to treat a (terrified) kitten.

Previ was staying with us for the night, another cause for concern, because she is known for treating cats as pray. And although we kept the bathroom door firmly shut and the kitten away from her, she still constantly looked at us with a face that seemed to say “I know you two are up to something…”.

Next morning the kitten had her first car ride, saw the big city for the first time and went to the vet’s, who gave her the all clear. The nice people at Tartu Kassikaitse (a local non-profit organisation who rescues and re-homes stray cats) were kind enough to borrow us some of essentials needed for a kitten, and so we decided that we would give her a foster home for as long as it took to find a good, permanent home for her.

The next day she was almost a completely different animal, compared to the little thing we had caught the day before. We moved her crate to our room and she comfortably allowed us to pet her, purring and enjoying the interaction, nothing like the little monster who was so threatening the night before.

Even now, when we talk to her, she starts purring almost immediately.

Our vet took one look at her and told us she was going to be a handful, oh boy how right she was!

IMG_2680_700px IMG_3048_700px

Most of the pictures we have of her, are of her sleeping, because to be quite frank, I just don’t have a lens powerful enough to catch a kitten moving about at what seems like lightning speed. And when they say cats are quiet, they are lying – a cat playing sounds like a herd of elephants! At least ours does when she’s sprinting from one room to another.

DSC_0050_700px IMG_2723_700px IMG_2728_700px

So to cut a long story short, when the time came to rehome her, none of us was willing to let her go. So here she is. Our kitty.

A pocket cat.



A Christmas cat (wearing a dress, because she had just been sterilized and she strongly objected to the stitches).




A confused kitty (what do you mean, water is wet?)

DSC_0454_700px IMG_6601_700px IMG_7244_700px

A picturesque cat.




We built her a tunnel when she was about 5 months old


She still fits





She’s our roadtrip-cat




The funny cat (and annoying cat at the same time, because I’d rather dry my laundry without the cat making it her new sleeping bed)




The “Oh god, why me” – “Because I love you, nice doggy!” -cat



The “not allowed on the table” cat



And an all-around great kitty, who provides us with much hilarity, comfort and company. Speaking as a person who in the past has stated several times that she will never-ever own a cat, I suppose the saying “never say never”, is extremely accurate.

I am very glad she found us, and that we found her.

IMG_3066_700px IMG_5443_700px IMG_6770_700px

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