About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I would like to start off with an introduction – my name is Laura and I live in a small country called Estonia. I have a cat, Alfred, a dachshund named Previ, and I am married to a lovely man, whose blog you can find here.

My interest in photography started at a rather early age, thanks to my dear grandfather. He has been a keen photographer all his life and it was with him that I first picked up a camera, he was also the one who gave me my first film point and shoot camera, and finally my trusty Canon 400D, which I am currently using.

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, more like a keen enthusiast, who is trying to capture the world around us in all its quirks and beauty. My favourite subjects are pets, cars and motorcycles and landscapes, be it urban, industrial or picturesque nature scenes, but I am trying to explore other areas as well. I am especially fascinated by the works of talented street photographers, or people who can take the most desolate of scenes and turn it into a true work of art – this being a good example.

I have spells where I don’t pick up the camera for months, only to go on a shooting spree, but I am trying to work on my consistency as well.

I am very grateful for each new follower, and for each like and/or a comment my posts receive. All feedback, be it positive or negative, is very much appreciated.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just words of encouragement!


Happy browsing and I hope that what you find here will leave a positive mark on your day!



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