Prompt for round II: Day

It was insanely foggy today. At first I wanted to take a shot of a horse standing in the field in the fog but they were too busy eating to pose for me. But as I was driving home from the stables I saw this picture and simply had to take it. It’s insanely noisy, but for me, it sort of adds to the appeal. What do you think?



The competition continues; I got selected to the semi finals, where we will have three assignments. A picture of “night” was the first.



I’ve never tried making a gif before but I found these two shots very humorous, so I had to try.




I’ve been trying to sort out my Lightroom catalogue, which is, quite frankly, a horrible mess. But thanks to the extra work, I have re-discovered some wonderful shots. Like this one for example. Taken in 2008 of my Brandy‘s puppies. What an adorable and hungry bunch they were 🙂



Still life


This is not a topic I have explored too much, but as the assignment demanded a “natüürmort” (nature morte), I had to first google what “still life” truly means and then think of something to photograph. I’m not a very artsy person so putting together an image is a real struggle for me and I should probably focus on this genre even more, as it teaches so much and gives so many opportunities to do better, because the subject isn’t going anywhere.

For this picture I had to mount my tripod on our couch, so not and ideal nor solid base, but I wanted a head-on shot. Which, as you can see, didn’t quite happen. The shelf unit is crooked but I and the camera were probably even more crooked, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but I still like the image. I read some articles about still life photography earlier in the day and in one of them the author wrote something along the lines of, if you want to take a picture to remember something by, then still life is your thing, and for that reason, I am happy with this photo.

Flowing water


We had a very rainy beginning to 2017 but ironically, as the assignment was announced, a picture of flowing water, the temperatures dropped to -9 (-21 with wind chill) yesterday. Today it was a mild -15. I intended to go photograph the “ice sheets” drifting down the river,  I even picked out a location yesterday and marveled at the sight which I was going to take pictures of today. And then in the morning I discovered that the river had frozen (almost) solid. Lessons learnt – if you have an idea and the conditions are right, don’t wait for them to get even better, as they might go away altogether!

But I’m happy with this image as well, especially thanks to the lovely pair of ducks.



How peculiar that I had to go into the “2017” folder to locate this image for uploading. But the topic was abandoned/discarded. I found this rather sad looking pile of clothes in a churchyard, somebody probably collected and donated the items to help those in need, but instead they were left to the elements. Maybe that green blouse (or skirt?) was even tried on, but deemed not suitable and cast aside.

Happy New Year!


The most recent assignment for the competition was to take a picture depicting the glitz and shimmer of new year’s eve. It was raining quite a lot and I didn’t want to bring my camera and tripod to the fireworks display, but I thought the rain made the Christmas Tree outside my mum’s house look even shinier, so it seemed fitting. If you look closely this is also an auto-portrait of me 🙂

I wish you all the best in the New Year, may it bring lots of joy and success to all of you!

The Bridge


The second prompt for the competition was “animals or birds in our environment”.

The quality of this picture is awful, it was midday but I had to bump my ISO up to 1600 (max for my camera) and the pictures were still underexposed. Really wish I could afford some new gear 😦 But nevermind that, despite the obvious quality-issues, I sill rather like the outcome.



I decided to take part in a neat local photo competition hosted by Eestimaa Kaunid Fotod (Beautiful Pictures of Estonia). The gist of it is that the organisers will announce a prompt and the participants will have to take a new picture in the given timeframe anywhere in Estonia that fits the topic. I don’t expect to win any awards but I really like the challenging aspect of the competition, so I decided to take part. And as this blog has been in hibernation for far too long, I shall post all of the images here as well.

The first topic was “a local sight”. I had a few ideas, taking a picture of the main building of the University of Tartu was not one of them, because the theme is too “overexposed” in my opinion, although there is no doubt it is a very grandiose construction, especially in its Christmas “outfit”.

But as I was walking past it, I saw three people in traditional attire and quickly took the shot. Can’t say it’s one of my best, but I felt it was good enough to submit.

The Night of Ancient Lights/Muinastulede öö


You can read more about the tradition here – basically it is a bonfire night meant to celebrate our heritage and the history of the Baltic Sea. We were nowhere near the seaside, but the waters carried by the stream do eventually end up there, so it was only fitting we lit our Ancient Light and cast the spell on this little island. A very fitting end to the summer.

Got One!