My home country celebrated its 99th birthday today. To mark the occasion we went for a hike in the beautiful Endla bog.


Little Boxes on the Hillside

Always Bring a Tripod


I obviously didn’t…

F 3,2; 1/13; ISO 1600



Enough about the competition stuff. It’s currently -19C outside, so the picture is obviously not recent, but something I found when I was searching for something else entirely (as it usually is). Summer of 2014 in Kassisaba (Tallinn).

Koit ja Hämarik


The third assignment in the semi-finals was to take a picture of dusk and/or dawn – Koit and Hämarik in Estonian. The weather was completely gray throughout the five days we had to complete the assignment so I tried a different approach: Koit (dawn) is a small local newspaper and on the particular day the sun set at 16:33 so technically it was dusk (Hämarik).

10 people in total will get through to the finals – 5 will be chosen by the jury and 5 with public votes on facebook. If you are interested, have a browse through the images and if you happen to like any of them (mine, for example 🙂 ), press “like”.

Although I have to be honest, somebody had the same idea as me about using the newspaper and their image is far better than mine. But even if I don’t advance to the finals, I don’t mind, I had a lot of fun chasing the pictures.

Not Chocolate Raisins


I found a few tiny fir trees growing on my land today! I haven’t been able to pinpoint their exact species yet, but I am leaning towards Abies sibirica. This might not seem like a big deal, but the Abies family is not a native species to where I live, so I am super excited that the big fir trees on my plot are showing signs of natural regeneration.

The bad part is that these saplings will have to be dug out and replanted because their current location will be going through some changes in the near future. But at the moment I will leave them be and when the time comes to move them, I hope I will have gathered enough knowledge to keep them thriving.

Nature’s Canvas


I hope you are all having a very happy Saturday, here’s a layered ice mouse to cheer up your day even more 🙂



Prompt for round II: Day

It was insanely foggy today. At first I wanted to take a shot of a horse standing in the field in the fog but they were too busy eating to pose for me. But as I was driving home from the stables I saw this picture and simply had to take it. It’s insanely noisy, but for me, it sort of adds to the appeal. What do you think?



The competition continues; I got selected to the semi finals, where we will have three assignments. A picture of “night” was the first.



I’ve never tried making a gif before but I found these two shots very humorous, so I had to try.




I’ve been trying to sort out my Lightroom catalogue, which is, quite frankly, a horrible mess. But thanks to the extra work, I have re-discovered some wonderful shots. Like this one for example. Taken in 2008 of my Brandy‘s puppies. What an adorable and hungry bunch they were 🙂